Where to Start

We offer a LOT of classes, and you may not be familiar with what everything is or where you should begin.

If your dog has never had formal training then you will want to start with Basic Obedience (for adult dogs), Junior Basic (for dogs  6 to 18 months) or STAR Puppy (for dogs 3 to 6 months old).  We also offer Puppy 2 as a next step for our STAR Puppy graduates.

The next step on the obedience ladder is beginner novice...and that ladder keeps climbing to the highest level of obedience. Many of the people in these classes compete in obedience trials - but that is by no means required! Keeping your dog learning and challenged improves their quality of life.

Interested in Flyball - dogs over 12 months old are welcome at our Intro to Flyball class. Not sure? No problem...just ask us.

Agility requires you take obedience at our club or have an evaluation. E-mail us to arrange and evaluation! Agility is a great confidence builder for your dog..and a ton of fun. Even if you have absolutely no desire to ever compete it is a wonderful way to strengthen your bond with your dog.

Have a dog that has had training at another facility?  Just ask for an evaluation. We'll have one of training coordinators evaluate your dog and help you pick the right class. Just ask

For the safety and welfare of all dogs, NO puppies under 12 weeks of age are allowed in our  training facility.
Proof of vaccinations are necessary.

Let's face it - not every dog is Mr. or Miss Congeniality. If you have an aggressive, reactive or difficult dog they may not be right for our group classes at this time -  but do not give up. Please call us at (727) 527-5568 or email us at [email protected] and we can refer you to someone who will work with you 1 on 1 to help overcome any issues.