IMPORTANT: Payment must be made at the time of registration. If payment is not completed, we can not hold your spot in the class. Your registration will be removed and you will need to re-register and complete payment to be placed on the class roster. If you are having trouble with the registration & payment process, please contact us.


Looking for fun activities to do with your dog? Try Trick training!
Teaching your dog tricks is fun for you and for your dog. During trick classes you will learn how to teach your
dog tricks using positive reinforcement. Not only will your dog learn some tricks, but trick training will help
your dog become a dog that loves to learn. Tricks training provides mental stimulation for your dog and
strengthens the bond between you and your dog.
We welcome anyone with any breed of dog who wants to learn tricks for fun or as part of therapy dog training
or those who are interested in obtaining AKC Trick Titles on their dogs.
We offer both evening and daytime classes as follows:

Introduction to Tricks (Evenings)
You will learn the techniques to teach your dog multiple tricks, including:
Fetch: toy, ball, leash, mailbox package, rope ring
Learn: shake/paw, jump hoop, unroll mat, pray, tunnel, kiss, push barrel
with front paws, kick toes, bow & platform.
Prerequisite: Basic Obedience class at our Club

A Combined Intro to Tricks and Intermediate Tricks

Tricks include: toy, ball, leash, mailbox package, toy ring.
Learn: shake/paw, jump through hoop, puzzle games, push a barrel with front paws, go through tunnel, play the piano, and turn on a light.

Then it is on to intermediate tricks:
Kick handler’s toes, say “bye”, bow, play dead, crawl, roll over, give a kiss, and balance on top of a barrel. Must have taken basic obedience.

Advanced Tricks

Open mailbox and retrieve package, catch ball and put in basketball hoop, tricks on top of platforms, pushing and riding in wagon or cart, beg, weave under legs, walk on ladder rails, and so many more.

Prerequisite: Must take intro to tricks and intermediate tricks first which is one 6-week course.

Questions? Contact Jo Ann Plummer, [email protected]

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