Thank you for your interest in the Dog Training Club of St. Petersburg. We look forward to having you train your dog at our facility. Please review the following policies to help us keep you and your dog safe and happy while training.

DTCSP does not allow in our facility:
Puppies under 12 weeks old
Females in Season (heat)
Electronic Collars
Retractable leashes (Flexi-leads)

Behavior: Your dog should be well socialized and must be comfortable around other dogs.
Training: If your dog has not taken any other classes at our facility, please bring him/her in prior to the class start date so that he/she can get used to our building.
Health: Please ensure that your dog is up-to-date on all their vaccinations. You must bring their vaccination records to show on the first day of class.
Dog's Equipment
Collar: Buckle, snap, or martingale collars are recommended for obedience. We highly recommend Premier martingale collars for agility training, and DTCSP has a selection of these collars available for sale. Under no circumstances should your dog wear a "pinch", choke, or head-type collar during agility training.
Leash: Lightweight 6-foot, fixed length leash is recommended.
Treats: Small soft treats such as Zukes, hotdogs, cheese, chicken, etc. work better than large hard treats. We utilize food motivation during the early stages of training. so we suggest that you do not feed your dog before training, and that you do bring an ample supply of nutritious but tempting treats for class.
Shoes: Athletic type shoes. Proper footwear is required in order to participate in class. Proper footwear has a non-slip or rubber sole. No high-heels or sandals of any kind. No clogs or open-toed shoes. Clothing: Wear comfortable clothes that you can bend and move in.
Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class so that you have time to "potty" your dog and complete any paperwork.