Obedience & Manners

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Basic Obedience & Manners

This class is the beginning of your training!  Open to all dogs. We work on walking on a loose leash, attention, sit, down and stay. We can also help you with specific problems like jumping up or barking. We use positive methods and lots of praise and treats to keep your dog working happily. Once you mastered the basics you can move on to more advanced obedience or other fun activities like agility, scent work, rally, flyball and more!

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Class Schedule:

Basic Obedience and Manners classes are $110 for a 6 week session. Date indicates the first class of the session.

Junior Basic

Junior Basic is Basic Obedience and Manners taught for puppies approximately 6 to 12 months old who have had little to no previous training. There is no pre-requisite for this class. The focus of the class will be on good behavior and manners (social skills) with an emphasis on loos-leash walking and learning sit, down, come, and stay.

Reliable Recall

Does your dog come to you every time you say their name, in different locations, with distractions around?

One of the most important behaviors you can teach your dog is to come when called. This class is designed to teach you and your dog the principles for a really reliable recall.  We will work on specific focus exercises and recall work.

For this class, you will need a clicker, a long training lead, a toy and high value treats

Intermediate Obedience

This class will focus on adding more distractions, distance and duration to the basic skills that they learned in their previous class. This class makes these basic skills more relevant to everyday living. There are three classes to choose from both morning and evening.

Advanced Basic

Builds on and refines the skills learned in our Basic class. We also introduce some of the Rally signs, figure 8s, and independent stays.

At the conclusion of this class your dog may be ready to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. This is open to all breeds - including mixed breeds!

Tell me about the CGC!

Advanced Basic classes are $100 for a 6 week session. Date indicates the first class of the session.

We offer competition level classes on a drop in basis.  For more information click here



Do you have a problem dog, or does your dog have a problem handler?
Join us in a laid-back atmosphere where we can evaluate your problem and provide solutions.

These sessions can be useful for students:
• with learning disabilities
• whose dogs may be too vocal for our regular classes
• who prefer or do better in a less public class
• who cannot attend our other regularly scheduled classes
• who need a little bit of extra attention to prepare for a class situation
• with a specific issue

Sorry, no aggressive dogs allowed.