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Fly what? Flyball is a sport where two teams race side-by-side over four jumps to a flyball box where the dog hits the box, catches the ball, and races back to his handler over the four jumps, when the next dog is sent relay fashion. The team that has the best time and the least amount of faults wins.

What could be more fun than running, jumping, and catching tennis balls? Sign-up for our Intro to Flyball class!

These classes train you and your dog to develop skills to enable you to learn how to run in flyball races. 

If you are new to our club but have trained in flyball or completed elsewhere, please e-mail [email protected]. We will schedule a time to evaluate your dog to make sure your are in the best class for you!

Introduction to Flyball

This class introduces dogs to the sport of flyball by teaching jump seeking, doing off leash recalls, identifying turn direction, ball retrieve and proper turning technique.

After successfully completing Intro to Flyball, dogs will move on to Advanced Flyball where they will perfect their turn and progress to full flyball runs.

Dogs must be at least one year of age. Dogs must have a reliable off leash recall and good manners. We require dogs to have taken an obedience class at our facility or be evaluated by one of our instructors.

Advanced Flyball

After completing our Intro to Flyball Class, students move on to our Advanced Flyball Class, which emphasizes the fundamentals of a flyball box turn, dog passing, distraction management and preparing your dog to be able to compete in a tournament.

Dogs must be able to successfully turn on the flyball box to move to the Advanced Flyball class.

If no classes appear in the box it means there is not a class currently accepting registrations. 


These classes train you and your dog to develop skills to enable you to learn how to run in flyball races.