Tricks is BACK!!

From the silly to the practical you'll enjoy teaching your dog new behaviors.

'Trick Dog' is the newest of the AKC Titles, and with this class you will be well on your way to a Novice Title.

About the AKC Trick Dog program

Learn how to do easy things like: Shake hands, Jumps through Hoops, play dead, Bow, Say Bye.

Then move on to tricks such as: Fetch, Heel Back, Walk on Hind Legs.

And if you want to try harder tricks, try: Rolling a Barrel, Bouncing a Beach ball off your dog’s nose, Ride in a wagon, or Open a Mailbox to remove an object. You can even learn how to make your own props for the tricks.

Not only is this non-stressful and fun, but it is great for entertaining friends, family or therapy groups. Learn these and as many other tricks as you would like. Then earn AKC titles on top of that.