A Combined Intro to Tricks and Intermediate Tricks

Tricks include: toy, ball, leash, mailbox package, toy ring.
Learn: shake/paw, jump through hoop, puzzle games, push a barrel with front paws, go through tunnel, play the piano, and turn on a light.

Then it is on to intermediate tricks:
Kick handler’s toes, say “bye”, bow, play dead, crawl, roll over, give a kiss, and balance on top of a barrel. Must have taken basic obedience.

Advanced Tricks
Wednesdays at 11AM
Open mailbox and retrieve package, catch ball and put in basketball hoop, tricks on top of platforms, pushing and riding in wagon or cart, beg, weave under legs, walk on ladder rails, and so many more.

Prerequisite: Must take intro to tricks and intermediate tricks first which is one 6-week course.

Questions? Contact Jo Ann Plummer,

Ash Pushes Wagon 2