This 6-week class will be a comprehensive class covering ALL aspects of showing your purebred dog in the Conformation ring. “From the basics to the nitty gritty, we will cover how to stack, gait, and present your dog from the bottom up. With your skill level and your dog’s breed in mind, there are tips and tricks for everyone to learn. Beginner and expert friendly.”


This ongoing drop–in class covers all of the skills required for presenting your dog to its best advantage in the conformation ring, including basic ring procedure, handling techniques, and socialization. This class provides an atmosphere in which your dog can learn to be well behaved in close proximity to other dogs. Both registered breed and mixed breed dogs are welcome.  Instruction includes how to stack your dog, perform out–and–back patterns, triangle patterns, go–around patterns, etc.

This class welcomes both the novice looking to begin showing and the more experienced handler who wants to improve their skills or gain experience for a new dog.

Class meets Tuesday at 7 pm

$10 per class