Canine Good Citizen

What is Practiced:
The first 3 weeks of this class will be spent practicing the skills necessary to pass the evaluation in a fast-paced environment. Handler/dog teams should be able to demonstrate loose leash walking, sit, down, stay, and recall. Dogs should be able to tolerate distraction, maintain good manners while being greeted, petted, and groomed. They must also undergo supervised separation from the handler for 3 minutes.


What is Tested:
The Canine Good Citizen test is a nationally recognized program that instills a sense of responsibility and good manners in dogs and owners alike. The heart of the CGC program is the 10 step CGC test. The test consists of the following practical exercises:
1. Accepting a friendly stranger.
2. Sitting politely for petting.
3. Appearance and grooming.
4. Walking on a loose leash.
5. Walking through a crow.
6. Sit and down on command and staying in place.
7. Coming when called.
8. Reacting to another dog.
9. Reacting (or not reacting) to a distraction.
10. Supervised separation.

AKC Title
The CGC program is recognized as the gold standard for dog behavior. In CGC, dogs who pass the 10 step CGC test can earn a certificate and the official AKC CGC title. Dogs with the CGC title have the Suffix CGC after their names.