In a Barn Hunt, there is a simple maze of straw bales, with plastic tubes hidden in the maze containing live rats. The dog must climb on a bale with all four feet, go through a tunnel, and alert the owner to the rat(s) — all in a specified amount of time.

We are offering 3 levels of classes:

1) Introduction -This class is for teams with little or no experience or who have been away from barn hunt for a while.  Dogs who are  competing  at the Open level should start here.

2) Intermediate - this is for dog-handler teams who have some to considerable experience. This is the highest level we have at this point. Anybody who has already been participating in Barn Hunt and has made it out of Open should probably be in this class.  More advanced courses may be added later.

3) Focus - this is literally for that--focusing on dealing with special needs, solving problems, etc. Experienced dog-handler teams can use it for, . . . well, . . . focusing on specifics. Beginners can use it to develop further the rudimentary skills they need to play the game. So people at any level can go into this class. The first time through it may be more like a beginning class--that is, until people know what problems they need to work on. It is also meant for people who cannot attend the evening classes, but still want to work on Barn Hunt skills.


Each class will train the handlers in how to volunteer and participate in helping a Barn Hunt event run smoothly. Class members are expected to help run the class. This is another necessary component of the sport. Don't worry--everybody will not have to do heavy lifting. Everybody in each class will learn the basics of volunteer participation in this sport.






Barn Hunt Run Throughs at DTCSP!

With one Novice or Open tunnel and one more complex Senior/Master level tunnel with or without judge/trainer comments. Each $5 run provides 1-2 Instinct, Novice, or Open run through(s) or 1 Senior, Master or Crazy 8s-like (6 rats).